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Therapeutic Ruthlessness: Beyond Sweetness And Patience

Therapists tend to be good at being kind and patient with difficult people and they know how to put up with their patients’ demanding and outrageous behavior. Too often the demand for good manners persuades therapists to compromise their integrity in the attempt to maintain the relationship and to make their patients feel worthwhile. But compromising integrity interferes with the effectiveness of therapeutic work.

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Shadow Tag

Dave:  A good friend and talented colleague in Syracuse, Christine Matteson, a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Mental Health Counselor, sent me a copy of her recent newsletter: Creative Arts […]

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Poetry To Light The Darkness

Please enjoy this poem from poet Thomas E. Kemp My old whispers are ground into dust, The secrets I held onto pass away as I watch, New candlesticks with berry scents trail in smoke, Promising long sentences, of words, instead the draped ones I used before. You come at me with novel ideas and wishes, Begging like the light penetrating […]