Amy: All around the world, women–and the men who stand beside them–united images-6in one voice to speak out against the newly elected Donald T. and everything he proudly stands for. I attended the massive rally in New York City, where we were one artery of this international beating heart.  The day felt tremendously empowering, and marks the beginning of the first hundred days of resistance.

For U.S. citizens, let’s take filmmaker Michael Moore’s counsel to call our Senators and Congressman on a daily basis to demand they block T’s efforts to create a corporate oligarchy, one Cabinet pick at a time. We can all metaphorically tattoo the phone number of the Congressional switchboard: 202-225-3121 And check out Moore’s DC speech today. It’s a model of what civic engagement looks like.

Here’s  snapshot of my brother with a fellow marcher at the Los Angeles rally: I don’t think it had as many people as New York or DC, but the weather was sure nicer!




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