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  1. Bravo Charles. Thank you for continuing to stand up for journalistic integrity!

    After a brief calling out of Trump after his ridiculous performance with your editorial team during the Trump Tower meeting, the rest of the paper seems to have fallen back into its former craven, normalizing stance – except for your column.

    The Times seems to have relapsed the former icky, coy daily headers, “What we’re watching” and “…. transition continues apace” (MAY IT NEVER F**ING HAPPEN).

    These headers play down the terriying nature of daily developments in national news with a false, folksy tone. Your articles do not.

    You continue to hold a noble standard of fair, bare, brilliantly pointed free speech in the face of direct threat. Thank you for embodying everything journalism, and the Times, should aspire to.

    Alexis Kostich


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