AB: Our readers may understand our current preoccupation with the upcoming Presidential election in the United States. Indeed, with the election so close, it’s difficult to think of anything else. Many of us are worried about our beloved democracy. As citizens, Americans have, at times, been quite critical of the behavior of the United States. But this was, as  the late Reverend  William Sloane Coffin used to say, “a Lover’s Quarrel”. We love our country and feel despair at its missteps. We want our country to be better. We are rooting for her.

unknownBut as Trump stirs  up violent anger among his  supporters about a “rigged election”, it feel like he’s playing into the hands of those who might  wish our democracy would fail.  And no one knows this game better than Gary Kasparov, the former chess champion who entered politics to oppose the authoritarian regime of Vladimir Putin. Here in his  Op-ed from The New York Times,  Kasparov brilliantly captures the dangers of the Trump’s promotion of a “rigged election”. Kasparov should know: he’s been one of its victims.



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