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Month: September 2016

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Squelching The Family Spirit: The Problem of Enforced Unity

Enforced “togetherness” in families, though largely unconscious, emerges in the way a family tells its story. It is not a unity which augments family spirit, it restricts. The restriction serves a purpose for some. The need for protection is motivated by a history of trauma or too much despair. But often a family member, usually a child, may be sacrificed to maintain this appearance of group unity.

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“The Dangers Of Being Dutiful” from The School of Life

Amy: Here’s another thoughtful vignette from Alain de Botton’s “The School of Life.”  While overly simplistic at times, Botton peers into the demands parents put on  their kids for dutiful behavior, particularly related to school performance. He notes that the source of these demands often stems largely from a place of fear, something I’ve seen over and over again in […]