AB: One of my favorite  critics of the  current “over-treatment”  phenomenon in psychiatry is
Dr. Allen Frances , Professor Emeritus of Duke University. I happen to have a special images-7connection with Dr. Frances, since I spent much of my twenties, lying on his office couch, being psychoanalyzed! He is a true psychiatric insider,  as one of the editors of the DSM III, that rather strange “handbook” generated by the psychiatric establishment. But Allen Frances is a sane and sensible psychiatrist, who has spent much of his “emeritus’ years lamenting the proliferation of psychiatric diagnoses and accompanying medications. Here in his Huff Post article, “Connecting the Dots on the ADHD Fad”, he rails against the bombardment of our children with stimulant medications. He cites  the New York Times’ Alan Schwarz’ wonderful piece of investigative journalism on the “ADHD” epidemic.

Check it out:



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